#Amnistia campaign

Corsica has experienced four decades of conflict, which has led to sacrifice and deprivation of liberty for many Corsican patriots and many dramas for each of the opposing sides.

An observation can be made in a common way: Corsica has now entered a new phase.
The FLNC announced more than four years ago its decision to cease its operations in order to facilitate a peace process.

At the same time, arrests of political activists are taking place regularly.
Arrests in connection with facts prior to the FLNC's decision to end its operations.

For the Corsicans wishing to turn the page of the conflict, these politico-judicial maneuvers constitute an obstacle on the road to peace.
In all countries with troubled History like ours, the end of the crisis has necessarily been accompanied by an amnesty law.
France itself has used it several times in the 20th century.

AMNISTIA, is a word of Greek origin.
Today it is used, in certain situations allowing the resolution of disputes to give the capacity to the one who has the power to punish; to forget, and then lift the penalty.
The transcription of this principle to the current situation of Corsica must be conceived by integrating the historical responsibilities shared by many protagonists, to the good rank of which we find the various French governmental policies.

It is from a mutually agreed effort by the antagonists that will come the validation of a political solution, which must necessarily go through strong acts carrying a real irreversible political efficiency, such as the measure of amnesty.
Throughout the world, such initiatives, carried by men of good will, some of whom have had to endure the sufferings and injustices of those who fiercely opposed their struggle, have been successful and have led the peoples to social justice, respect for human dignity, emancipation, freedom.

Since 2014, the list of union of independentists and autonomists grouped under the banner Pè a Corsica won all local elections with a program in favor of a large Autonomy status for Corsica and with for first point of the union agreement, the amnesty of political prisoners in order to strengthen peace, in order to turn the page.
The French state is denying democracy by not respecting universal suffrage. France denies the reality when it refuses to recognize the existence of the Corsican political prisoners whereas more than 180 municipal councils on the 360 ​​that Corsica counts voted deliberations in favor of their amnesty.

In April 2015, the campaign for an amnesty law was launched.

Since then, this campaign has focused on obtaining support in Corsica and internationally.

From now on, the campaign enters its second phase, that of the mobilizations.

Gatherings, displays, demonstrations, many events are coming and will be announced on social networks and in the Act ! section of our site.

Act for  an Amnesty Law, Freedom, Peace

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Demonstration in Ajaccio, 09/24/2016

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